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SecureVision Upgrade

Created on 24 March 2017 Last Updated on 11 June 2017
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UPDATE (06/12/2017):  SecureVision,  hopefully, will start to work on Building "A" this week.  They have had some delays in getting the equipment that they need for the installations.

Installation of the new equipment is underway.  It is expected that each of our ten buildings will take approximately one week per building to complete.  Buildings “I” and “J” have been completed.  Building “E” is expected to begin next week (as of March 24th,).  Progression after that is expected to be “F”, “ D”, “C”, “B”, “A”, “G”, and finally “H”.  The new TV lineup and faster internet speed will not occur until after all buildings have had the new equipment installed.  Telephone service will be active as each building is completed.  SecureVision will be providing new in-unit guides for their services.

(04/03/2017):  SecureVision continues to work on Building "E" this week.

(04/10/2017):  SecureVision will start to work on Building "F".

(05/01/2017):  SecureVision will start to work on Building "D" this week.

(05/15/2017):  SecureVision will start to work on Building "C" this week.

(05/22/2017):  SecureVision will start to work on Building "B" this week.

(06/05/2017):  SecureVision will start to work on Building "A" this week.

Slow Down

Created on 22 April 2013 Last Updated on 02 February 2015
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In February of this year, the Board of Directors decided that, in order to prevent  an increasing problem with speeding on our property, we needed to impose a property-wide speed limit.  This speed limit was established at eight (8) miles per hour.  To that end, we have posted several speed limit signs on the property.  While most residents have complied with this, some have not.  The Board has also installed a “speed bump” at the main entrance to the property as well as directional markings on the pavement to designate traffic flow.  Please keep in mind that our efforts are intended to increase your safety while on the premises.  If you rent your unit(s), please ensure that your tenant(s) are aware of (and adhere to) the speed limit and traffic flow restrictions.  If there are continued issues with speeding, the Board may authorize the installation of additional “speed bumps” in order to slow down offenders.

Web Site Registration

Created on 10 April 2011 Last Updated on 04 April 2012
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The Enclave at Oak Hill Condominium Owners Association unveiled its’ new internet web site at its’ annual membership meeting in March, 2011. While this web site has information of interest to wide range of people interested in our condominiums, it is of particular interest to owners. There are sections which are only viewable to owners that have registered on the site.

To get registered for this site, send an email to webmaster-at-enclave-dash-coa-dot-org (email address changed to avoid spambots) giving:

  • your name
  • desired username
  • a valid email address
  • your unit number(s)
  • and a contact telephone number

You will receive instructions via the email provided regarding establishing your password. Please DO NOT send a desired password to the web master. 

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